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Praise  Valley  Commons

We are a "Spiritual, Egalitarian, Communal and Sustainable" Community



Praise Valley Commons is a Spiritual, Egalitarian, Communal and Sustainable Intentional Community, a Millennial Kingdom based Kibbutz where any Believer in Yeshua, Hebrew or Gentile, can: 1. Come for a Day Visit, 2. Take Specialty Seminars, Classes or Workshops, 3. Attend Two Day or Longer Renewal Retreats, and/or 4. Become a Full Time Resident.


To “Manifest The Kingdom Of God On Earth” in preparation for the Coming New Millennial Reign,

Society and Government, of LORD YESHUA and our glorious Eternal Life.




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I. Start Up Goals

To Have the following: 1. At least #10 Committed Residents, 2. Minimum of #40 Acres, 3. All Essential Homesteading and Off Grid Living Skills, and 4. Minimum of $100,000 in Funding.

II. Property Details

To Acquire a House / Land with the following Characteristics: 1. At least one House on site, 2. Water available on/to site, 3. Fertile Growing Soil, 4. Partially Treed Landscape, 5. Located in Safe and Disaster Free area, 6. Within 50 Miles of Essential Shopping, 7. Zoned Appropriately, and 8. Affordable or Donated.

III. Residency Guidelines

1. Participation – everyone will be involved in All Essential Community Activities which includes but is not limited to the following: A. Classes and Workshops, B. Meetings and Voting, C. Group Consensus and Conflict Resolution, D. Nutrition and Fitness, E. Recreation and Sports, plus F. Fun Gatherings, Entertainment, Celebrations, and so on.

2. Food – all Community Meals, Snacks and Drinks will be available as follows: A. Be Healthy, B. Offer a Varied Menu, C. Be Proportioned, D. Offer both Vegetarian and Carnivore Choices, and E. Have as much as possible Grown and Raised in our own Farm and Gardens.

3. Facilities – all Community Buildings and Equipment are Shared as follows: A. Essential Facilities are Included in the Monthly Rent Fee, and B. Bonus Amenities are at Additional Cost and on a Per Use basis.

4. Utilities – all Community Services and Infrastructure are Shared as follows: A. Essential Utility Usage is Included in the Monthly Rent Fee, and B. Out Of Proportion / Extra Usage will incur an Additional Cost.

5. Housing – everyone will Bring or Build their own Small Self Contained Portable Structures as follows: A. Tiny House Trailer, B. Towing Camper, C. Livable Vehicle, or D. Four Season Tent Style.

6. Work – all necessary Chores and Jobs are Performed by Everyone as follows: A. Total Hours are Divided Out Equally to each Resident, B. Experts in any given Type of Work will Manage/Work More Hours in that Area, and C. All Work Types will be Rotated Out to each Resident and they will be Trained in each Area.

7. Costs – all required Fees and Expenses are Paid for by everyone as follows: A. All Residents will, prior to move in, pay a One Time Join Fee, B. Total Community Expenditures, all costs, are Annualized and Divided Out Equally to each Resident on a Monthly basis, C. Any Resident with Extra Funds has the Option to Pay an Additional Amount over and above the established Monthly Rate at any time, and D. All Fees and Total Monthly Costs will be adjusted as needed, up or down, on a Monthly basis and Residents will receive a 30 Day Notice.

IV. Project Status

Now Actively Seeking the following: A. Founding Members, B. Suitable Property, and C. Adequate Funding.

V. Your First Step

Make Contact and Join Us.

To Get Involved and/or For more Information, simply Click

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We are currently in the Planning Stages and Any Believer that agrees with our Vision and Mission plus General Principles may Join Us and Help Us to Establish - Market, Plan and Fund, this Kingdom Community.

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Urgently Seeking a Suitable Donated / Affordable Property - Building, Houses, Compound, Acreage and/or Retreat Center as a Home Base for our Ministry.

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